antropotek | What We Do
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What To Expect

Anthropotechnology is useful for three fields of application: products and services design, human resources management, and country risk analysis.

For products and services design

A typical job would be a pre-design survey where we incorporate the concept of localized diversity into the design and functionalities of the product or service, in order to increase its marketability to the targeted customer base.


For policy risk analysis

We prepare local and foreign companies to make politically and socially informed decisions regarding their investments and location.

For Human Resources Management

Multi-national companies call us when they have staff attrition, staff turn over, low performance, poor quality output, and when none of this issues can be technically or rationally explained. Explanation lies on complex human resource (HR) issues with cultural-psycho-social roots, that standard HR management techniques cannot solve.


We do not intervene on technical skills, but we work on the set of values, personality profile, and individuals’ socialization paths for the workforce to bridge gaps between corporate objectives and individuals’ expectations.


We assist upstream for talent recruitment and selection, using profiling tools and psychometric tests. We also have designed modules on “cultural intelligence” for top and middle management.