antropotek | The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity in Airport Design & Services
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The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity in Airport Design & Services

CPA Australia Chief Executive Alex Malley interviewing Karrie Mather, CEO of Sydney Airport in “InTheBlack” Magazine, 1 November 2015.


IN THE BLACK magazine page layout
Image source: InTheBlack, Nov 2015.

In my eight years now as a CEO with different organisations, I’ve gone from thinking culture is important to culture is incredibly important.”

by Alex Malley – CPA Australia Chief Executive, InTheBlack Nov 2015


“The Chinese market is now our largest international market from Sydney. It’s just under 10 per cent of our passengers. Chinese passengers have increased by 70 per cent over the past five years, and in the first half of this year they have been growing by nearly 17 per cent. You’ve got to think, does your product meet the needs of that market? So we’ve rolled out the welcome mat, including everything from Chinese signage at the airport to making sure that our website translates into Chinese; from having our iPhone and Android apps translated into Chinese to making sure you have the right retail and food and beverage offering and having UnionPay [a Chinese bank card], which is the card Chinese travellers use to make their purchases. It’s having more culturally sensitive initiatives and nuances in relation to serving that market.”
by Karrie Mather – Sydney Airport Chief Executive, InTheBlack, Nov 2015


70% – The increase in the number of Chinese passengers travelling through Sydney Airport over the past five years

from InTheBlack, Nov 2015


These quotes relate to Antropotek’s job for VINCI Construction Ltd, France, when we were required to assist VINCI Group to incorporate the concept of Cultural Diversity into the design and functionalities of the Airbus group’s future hotel and convention centre to be build in Toulouse, France. Thanks to Antropotek’s value proposition, VINCI Construction won over the tender at the end of the year 2014. VINCI Construction is currently building the facilities.