antropotek | Diversity Cannot be Trained. But it Can Be Taught
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Diversity Cannot be Trained. But it Can Be Taught

The author of the Harvard Business Review article  “We Just Can’t Handle Diversity” states that we cannot train people about diversity tolerance: only immersion works.




“We tend to agree with that statement. Yes, most trainings on diversity do not work. However, not all companies have the resources to send their employees into total diversity immersion. Especially if the training was supposed to prepare them for that immersion where stakes are high.”


At Antropotek, we help targeting the right people before sending them for immersion overseas. In order to do so, we use tools stemming from cognitive psychology and Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Candidates for expatriation take up personality tests and learning styles (cognitive ability to learn fast in a given field) tests. Then we adjust the training method according to the profiles of the selected candidates for expatriation.


This methodology was used with STRAND Engineering corporation in Malaysia. Forty graduate engineers were pre-selected to go for assignment in the United Kingdom. The batch who undertook the tests and the training workshops adjusted twice faster in their new life in Wales, and with less problems than the batch from the previous years.

Source: Quotes, Image & Article from Harvard Business Review, July-August 2016 Issue.