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Aerospace  Malaysia  Innovation  Centre  (AMIC)  &  STRAND  Aerospace



Value Inculcating Program to enhance set of values and activate behavioural modification for aerospace trainee-engineers.

Airbus  Group  &  Aerospace  Malaysia  Innovation  Centre  (AMIC)



Testing of product’s usefulness and effectiveness, using socio-anthropological and cognitive filters. Product: virtual reality immersive training tool for blue collars in aerospace manufacturing (on-going).



Pre-study of facilities design and functionalities for AIRBUS Group’s hotel/convention & event centre, Toulouse area.

 The World Bank Group & SFERE Inc.

Georgia (on-going)


Anthropology of Tourism: The Georgia Tourism Project

Georgia, as a rising democratic nation, has ambitious goals as far as its trade balance is concerned. Tourism seems to be one of the great hopes in terms of national income earner, as Georgia is rich with natural sites and cultural heritage. The challenge is to design a coherent tourism strategy in conjunction with a relevant, effective, and cohesive capacity-building plan.
The World Bank Group, as financier, and SFERE inc., as the operator, have both turned to Antropotek to provide solutions to Georgia, a country with a dense social history and a complex socio-political structure.
SFERE inc.

Vincennes, France & Cambodia


Anthropology of Education: Setting Up a National Tourism School for Cambodia


Design of school business model; micro and macro socio-econometrics of labour market; return on investment forecast – scenario matrix; impact study on tourism quality for the country.


A joint operation with 3 Quantum Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.
Airbus Group

Malaysia (on-going)


 Anthropology of Development: Offshore Seaweed Project

AIRBUS Group makes use of Malaysia as real-life biotope lab’ to conduct research on how to produce green fuel from Biomass. This specific project aims at generating aircraft greenfuel, using oils naturally contained in Seaweed. Antropotek’s role is to study the socio-economical impact of this R&D project, focusing especially on fishermen’s social motivations and working conditions.